Links for Sexy Feminists: Geek girls, healthy cities, and more …

An interesting take on the ever-ongoing ladies-in-tech debate: “The Myth of the Fake Geek Girl” on explains why ladies still have a hard time in hacker subculture (and, tangentially, why that Facebook movie was so sexist). If you’ve ever hung out at a web developers’ party (and we have, for significant-other reasons), you know what a rare creature we still are at these things.

In the exhausting rape news of the week: Jezebel reports on police’s massive bungling of a rape case in Saratoga Springs, NY — despite it being one of those straightforward, classic rape cases that idiot politicians seem to prefer (woman attacked violently by stranger … you know, “rape rape”), police still didn’t think it was important enough to alert the public or try to apprehend the guy.

Self names healthiest U.S. cities for women: Congrats, ladies of San Jose, CA!

More on Petraeus-induced sexism: Amy Davidson at The New Yorker looks at the difference between the Petraeus-affair scandal and Ike’s dalliances, and raises another question, at least for us: With men always sending shirtless, and other-garment-less, photos of themselves around the interwebs, why is it that the women in these affairs get the slut-shaming? Just asking.

Single motherhood in Syria: With men disappearing in Syria, The New York Times‘ Nicholas Kristof looks at the women and children they leave behind.

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