Links for Sexy Feminists: Abused Women As Joke Fodder (Still), When the Wage Gap Starts, More

Violence Against Women: This Texas truck company’s “gag” decal of a woman tied up in the back of a pickup will have you sick to your stomach. And if that’s not enough, DC Comics unleashed a wave of controversy by sponsoring a contest to draw a naked woman committing suicide.

Pay Equality: A study from the University of Michigan suggests that the housework gap and the income gap both begin in childhood.

Toys and Gender: UK Toys R Us is doing away with gender labels for toys, an important step we can only hope our own country emulates.

Geek Girls and Race: An excellent, badass perspective on what it’s like to be a black female cosplayer.

Women in Tech: The first perspective a high school girl gets on programming shouldn’t be negative, and it’s every high school teacher’s responsibility to work on that.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Gun control in the wake of Newtown, what we can do about the wage gap, and more

Obama seems to be moving toward gun control: According to accounts of his speech at the Newtown memorial yesterday, including this one in The New Yorker. A bunch of celebrities agree that gun control would be cool. The New York Times, meanwhile, is running a series of philosophical essays on gun ownership and control. And parents and schools across the country are wrestling with what this means to them.

‘Gay Men and Christian Wombs’: New York‘s The Cut reports.

A lesson in wage disparity: The Frisky‘s┬áLauren Passell knows she makes less money because she’s a woman — and argues that it’s because her gender has shaped the way she ran her career and didn’t ask for raises.

‘Why are you still single?’: Melanie Notkin examines the social plight of the single, childless woman on HuffPo.

People like porn of all kinds, regardless of official sexual orientation: Or at least those surveyed by Yale’s LGBTQ publication do.



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