Links for Sexy Feminists: Petraeus Scandal Sexism, Consequences of Denied Abortions, Victoria’s Secret Sucks

New abortion study shows we need to let women have abortions. A new finding by public health researchers with the UC San Francisco group Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) lays out the consequences of denying women abortions. The highlights: The majority of these women ended up in poverty, stayed in abusive relationships, were unemployed, on public assistance and showed signs of mental health issues. Considering most of these women cited reasons of financial concern, lack of stability in their homes, or just feeling that they were not ready to have children as reasons to terminate their pregnancies, it makes sense that when their gut instincts were rejected there would be damaging consequences.

Victoria’s Secret sucks. For the record: We are officially never buying underthings from Victoria’s Secret ever again. We’ve been on the fence for a long time—questionable treatment of women in ad campaigns, cheap stuff that doesn’t really fit right—but this latest racist move (and there have been several) seals the deal. Dressing up half-naked models as angels is fine. Maybe. Perhaps the religious community has something to say about that. Anyway, dressing up half-naked models as “sexy Natives” by appropriating sacred cultural regalia of Native Americans—who, can we agree, have been screwed enough already—is just offensive and wrong.

Petraeus scandal: sexist already? We have a message to all the media covering this: calm the fuck down! Yes, there are important national security issues involved here, but mostly it’s about grownups having sex. And it’s beginning to border on slut-shaming. We’re not defending Paula Broadwell—or any woman who sleeps with a married man: seriously, there are more options—but things can get real sexist here, real quick. Already the focus is shifting to the “other women” rather than the man—you know, the guy who ran the Central Intelligence Agency—who initiated this whole mess. Let’s not lose focus, media, and perhaps also cover the rest of the world. Hey, look, (sound of keys jangling) Syria and Israel are about to go to war!

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