Links for Sexy Feminists: Breast Cancer Group Snubs Planned Parenthood, Title IX Celebrates a Milestone, and more …

The Susan G. Komen Foundation buckled under pro-life pressure to stop contributing to Planned Parenthood: Jezebel wonders if the change was due to the addition of anti-abortion activist Karen Handel to the breast cancer awareness group’s upper ranks.

YourTango is launching a “Break Up With Your Ex” Campaign: And what better month to shed your emotional baggage than the month of St. Valentine?

Sexy Feminist co-founder Jennifer Armstrong has launched a blog about The Mary Tyler Moore Show while she researches the show for her upcoming book: Check it out for posts on Mary’s house, fashion, and feminist principles.

Can you change the way you talk to change the way people perceive you?: And should you? A recovering Valley Girl debates the issue on RookieMag.

NOW’s blog wishes Title IX a happy 40th: And so do we!

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