Links for Sexy Feminists: Rape Protests in India, Unpacking Christmas, Gun Control After Newtown, and more

Solidarity with India: Thousands of Indians took to the streets to protest lengthy delays in bringing rape cases to justice. Their courage is remarkable, since one witness notes that many women are more afraid of police than they are of guys on the street.

Elsie is my homegirl: On a much lighter note, Jezebel ran a glorious profile of 1912′s perfect woman, and she sounds so rad.

12 Million Days of Christmas: As if you weren’t already sick of mall carols, here’s a great look at how creepy towards women they can be. Our friends in Australia are doing a feminist remix of the classic Twelve Days of Christmas. Secular and non-Christian readers may appreciate this American Muslim’s take on observing the spirit of giving.

Dudes can be feminists: The Yeti Detective tells us (some of) what’s wrong with the “friendzone.” Feminist or not? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Fallout from Newtown: Why is my uterus more regulated than my guns? asks this rural Alaska woman.

Sexy Feminists Read: R.A. Brown’s ‘Created Equal’

New legal thriller Created Equal goes where no other lawyer dramas have gone: inside the Catholic Church’s continued condemnation of the ordination of women. Could a woman who wants to become a priest use the law to her advantage? We talked to author R.A. Brown about whether the church might ever change its ways, what the legal issues are, and how modern Catholics feel about female priesthood.

We obviously support ordaining women, but why do you think it’s particularly important?

In order for one to be a priest, that person first must have a calling to the vocation from God. Let’s take two people who both have the calling and are both spiritual and essentially have all the traits to be a successful priest. The church, however, and not God, says one is qualified and the other is not solely because of the lack of male genitals. That is the only difference between the two people. What does the presence of a penis have to do with being a priest when a priest is forbidden to use it in a sexual manner anyway? There are no male genitals involved in the performance of priestly duties, so why the qualification? Unless God has instructed otherwise, man is interfering with a calling from God, which doesn’t make any sense and is discrimination on the highest level.

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