Links for Sexy Feminists: Rapists explain themselves, Salon talks to Amy Sherman-Palladino, and more …

Rapists Explain Themselves on Reddit: Wow. Jezebel encourages us to read, and we agree, disturbing as that is.

Raising Awareness About Postpartum Depression: More should be done to seek treatments and help new mothers, The LA Times reports.

Yes, We Just Wrote About Open Relationships: But we love this post on HowAboutWe detailing the unexpected benefits of long-term, committed relationships. If anyone uses a significant other as Google, it’s us. (We have smart significant others.)

Salon Declares Amy Sherman-Palladino TV’s Funniest Woman: Gilmore Girls fans, we hope you’re watching Bunheads to get your fix.

Women’s Rivalries on the Small Screen: Nashville and Political Animals go beyond catfights, Slate’s XX says.


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