Links for Sexy Feminists: Costume Play, Male Beauty, and more

Costume Play: Between Halloween and last week’s geek gathering at New York Comic Con, ’tis the season to disguise oneself. You might be saddened but not surprised to see some of the awful, creepy things that cosplayers have been told. These pale in comparison to what happened to one unfortunate soul who had her personal photo of herself as Lara Croft mocked after she accidentally left off the friendslock control on Facebook, yet she sounds empowered in the essay. Yet going in disguise has an important way of releasing inhibitions, according to My Other Me, new documentary about cosplayers.

Ancient History: New findings suggest that most cave paintings were done by female artists.

Sexual Violence: Why campaigns to end the stigma of female pleasure might be triggering for victims of sexual assault. And an empowering look at how an organization in Nashville attempts to turn the tide for domestic victims of sex trafficking.

Real Male Beauty: Since men are increasingly subjected to all the same b.s. beauty standards, it’s refreshing to see four average dudes pose in their underwear.

South Asian Women: Though Malala has been a viral sensation recently for her incredible poise, it’s too soon for her to win the Nobel, and just as well she didn’t. And we love this photoessay about maverick women in Nepal.

Black Women’s Hair: A new collection of photographs gives white women stereotypically black hairstyles, and Crunk Feminist Collective published a moving response.

Female In Public: This wonderful essay perfectly captures what it’s like to be a woman and realize that to some, you are public property.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Anthony Weiner, Jane Austen, and more

Still At It: Anthony Weiner has doubled down on his decision to stay in the mayoral race, a move some described as “delusional.” One of his former interns put out a calculated tell-all on her weeks with the campaign, which intriguingly mentions that Weiner called several interns “Monica.” His spokeswoman responded by calling the intern several slurs for women, and has since put up an apology of sorts involving an instagrammed shot of a “swear jar” full of cash and a credit card. Ugh. Can we please let the people of New York City focus on the real candidates?

Feminist Undies: Art student Shelly was fed up with mainstream stores’ selection, so she’s printing up underwear to empower the wearer with images of justly celebrated ladies.

Male Allies: A thought-provoking list of ways a man can try his hardest to be an ally to feminism. And we love this little gem on how a father plans to talk to his daughter about safely exploring her sexuality, when it’s age appropriate. We’re also digging this piece by Kareem Adbul-Jabbar on “coming out” as a fan of things besides sports, including the show “Girls.”

Throwback: This piece was written nearly ten years ago, yet the issues with feminists being called “sexist” are totally timely.

GLBT Rights Watch: Louisiana cops are harassing gay men using the obsolete sodomy law, which is still on the books. Meanwhile, Pope Francis says it is not up to him to judge gay priests, but women still can’t be priests. Hm.

Rape Joke: That’s the title of Patricia Lockwood’s poem recently published by the Awl, which has gotten a lot of press considering its genre.

Gift Registries: As modern feminists, we get that the registry for fancy household gadgets should be obsolete, but is asking for cash really any better?

Jane Austen: The celebrated English author will grace the 10 quid note starting in 2017. Sadly, the woman who led a campaign for this to happen received threats from male extremists.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Elizabeth Smart, White Privilege, Female Sexuality, and more

Elizabeth Smart Speaks Out: The woman you may remember as a kidnapped and assaulted 14-year-old was in our thoughts as three women victims of trafficking were found alive in Ohio this week. Now a self-possessed 25-year-old, she was in the news recently for commenting that abstinence-only sex ed made her feel as worthless as a chewed piece of gum. Mormon commentator Joanna Brooks points out that this tactic is all too common in the religion’s sex ed classes.

White Privilege Alert: A Muslim American woman’s story of open bigotry from security guards at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner will have you quaking with rage.

Men Can Be Feminists: Enjoy this TED talk by activist Jackson Katz on the way ordinary men can prevent–or condone–gender violence.

Girls and Geek Culture: Not all women hate Game of Thrones, and Amelia McDonell-Parry wants folks to cut that sexist BS. Meanwhile, an intelligent analysis reveals that the “boob plate armor” found in videogame graphics doesn’t just objectify women: it would also make the wearer more likely to perish on the field of battle.

Save Merida: The Disney princess who was her own heroine in “Brave” has received a much maligned makeover.

Creep Alert: An NRA convention vendor is the subject of some (but probably not enough) controversy for marketing a female-shaped target as an “Ex.”

Freeing Female Sexuality: And lastly, here’s this charming essay from a sweet old lady about lust for life.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Men’s Rights Activists, More Steubenville Fallout, Keeping Dads Involved, and more

Death to the Patriarchy: Jezebel’s inimitable Lindy West succinctly breaks down why everything MRAs rail against are symptoms of patriarchy, not feminism.

Continuing the Steubenville Dialogue: A U of Rochester econ prof put up a thought experiment about “reaping the benefits” of a passed-out individual on his blog, which upset quite a few folks, understandably. Meanwhile, an awesome male feminist starts a dialogue with teenage boys on how to not rape girls. And a queer-friendly blog has some great thoughts on why the silence of a female partner should not signify her consent.

Involved Dads: Iceland requires dads to take paternity leave, and having Dad help out so much in the early stages helps gender equality, both for the household and across the small country.

Dating Dan: A well-intentioned, self-aware man with Asperger’s and OCD searches for love, raising interesting questions about self-disclosure for all of us who have “issues.”

Exotic Dancing: The Frisky offers an anonymous expose of what a dancer deals with at a high-end strip club.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Anne Hathaway, Ovarian Cancer, Ending Rape and more

Modern Stardom: Anne Hathaway has been surprisingly polarizing since at least her victory speech at this year’s Oscars, and sexism is clearly at play. Like it or leave it, this is what celebrity culture looks like in the Twitterverse. Vulture offers a smart piece contrasting her with two more “likeable” starlets, showing that all three face a pernicious double standard.

Cancer Watch: Too many women fail to seek out specialized treatment for ovarian cancer, though seeing a specialist can make a world of difference in the outcome.

Our Awesome Vaginas: One woman learns to love her long labia.

Creep Alert: A chilling expose of the seamy underside of the Miss USA pageant.

Ending Rape: Despite good intentions, college campuses mirror life when it comes to sexual violence. Everyday Feminism suggests that we encourage freshmen to talk about how men can stop rape. Democratic strategist Zerlina Maxwell took flak (and anonymous, disgusting threats) for saying as much on Fox News. And in the military, where sexual violence is the leading cause of PTSD among women, Congress hears testimony from victims who want to change the system.

Links for Sexy Feminists: 30 Rock Finale, Abortion in Mississippi, Going Gray, and more

Tearful Goodbye to 30 Rock: As the groundbreaking show airs its series finale, the Daily Beast has a great summary of what scholars say about the show. What sets it apart is that Tina Fey is just as well known for her role as the show’s creator as for starring as Liz Lemon, writes NPR blogger Linda Holmes. The Hollywood Reporter offers a sweet look at the working relationship between Liz and Jack which, as it evolved, became the soul of the show.

Pink for Women’s Health: The last abortion clinic in Mississippi painted itself pink in a show of defiance, though state bureaucracy is deliberately encroaching on its right to exist.

Gray is the New Brown: Women who let their natural gray shine silver, at Jezebel. The NYT offers a helpful tip from a stylist: make sure you get a good cut.

GenderF***Yeah: Why gender violence is about more than just “men” and “women.”

Hot and Heavy: Amber Kosarick writes on how straight men should approach fat women, but includes wonderful info on body positivity for all sizes. All women can have body image concerns about cellulite, but that shouldn’t be the case, writes Lindsay Kite, also on Everyday Feminist. I nabbed the catchy opener from Virgie Tovar, whose compilation of essays, Hot and Heavy, is definitely worth checking out.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Rape Protests in India, Unpacking Christmas, Gun Control After Newtown, and more

Solidarity with India: Thousands of Indians took to the streets to protest lengthy delays in bringing rape cases to justice. Their courage is remarkable, since one witness notes that many women are more afraid of police than they are of guys on the street.

Elsie is my homegirl: On a much lighter note, Jezebel ran a glorious profile of 1912′s perfect woman, and she sounds so rad.

12 Million Days of Christmas: As if you weren’t already sick of mall carols, here’s a great look at how creepy towards women they can be. Our friends in Australia are doing a feminist remix of the classic Twelve Days of Christmas. Secular and non-Christian readers may appreciate this American Muslim’s take on observing the spirit of giving.

Dudes can be feminists: The Yeti Detective tells us (some of) what’s wrong with the “friendzone.” Feminist or not? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Fallout from Newtown: Why is my uterus more regulated than my guns? asks this rural Alaska woman.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Geek girls, healthy cities, and more …

An interesting take on the ever-ongoing ladies-in-tech debate: “The Myth of the Fake Geek Girl” on explains why ladies still have a hard time in hacker subculture (and, tangentially, why that Facebook movie was so sexist). If you’ve ever hung out at a web developers’ party (and we have, for significant-other reasons), you know what a rare creature we still are at these things.

In the exhausting rape news of the week: Jezebel reports on police’s massive bungling of a rape case in Saratoga Springs, NY — despite it being one of those straightforward, classic rape cases that idiot politicians seem to prefer (woman attacked violently by stranger … you know, “rape rape”), police still didn’t think it was important enough to alert the public or try to apprehend the guy.

Self names healthiest U.S. cities for women: Congrats, ladies of San Jose, CA!

More on Petraeus-induced sexism: Amy Davidson at The New Yorker looks at the difference between the Petraeus-affair scandal and Ike’s dalliances, and raises another question, at least for us: With men always sending shirtless, and other-garment-less, photos of themselves around the interwebs, why is it that the women in these affairs get the slut-shaming? Just asking.

Single motherhood in Syria: With men disappearing in Syria, The New York Times‘ Nicholas Kristof looks at the women and children they leave behind.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Rainy-Day Reading

We hope all you Sexy Feminists stay safe in the stormy weather. Here, some reading (mostly about abortion; for some reason that’s all we found today besides Sandy coverage) to keep you company:

Mourdock’s Dilemma and the Theology of Rape [via The New Yorker]

Let’s Get Real About Abortions [via CNN]

Can Neuroscience Challenge Roe v. Wade? [via The New York Times]

Tami Taylor Confirms That Women of Friday Night Lights Would Hate Mitt Romney [via Jezebel]

7 Famous Female Sex Scandals Throughout History [via The Frisky]

Links for Sexy Feminists: More dumb rape remarks, Brave-Thinking ladies, and more …

Sigh. Another dumb rape remark from a male politician. [via The New Yorker]

And Obama’s response: “Rape is rape.” [via CNN]

And Romney’s “dilemma” in responding [via The New York Times]

Voter ID laws’ effect on women of color [via Jezebel]

Lots of our favorite ladies (nuns, Lena Dunham) among The Atlantic‘s Brave Thinkers list [via The Atlantic]



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