Links for Sexy Feminists: Resilient Ovaries, Math Lessons from Mom, and more …

Our ovaries may not be shriveling as much as we thought!: Or at least they might not in the future thanks to stem cell research reported on

We’re so over people thinking girls are “hard-wired” to suck at math: Jezebel breaks down some new findings, showing, mostly, that moms need to talk about math with their daughters more

More on Chris Brown: YourTango explores whether abusers can reform

This is just sort-of cute: And it has a photo of Madonna in the English countryside with chickens; thanks, Hello Giggles!

SF Talking Points: Bachmann down but not out, Kansas town may decriminalize domestic violence

Bachmann soldiers on despite campaign troubles: The good news: Michele Bachmann, the feminist-unfriendly Republican presidential hopeful, is all but out of the race at this point, with her poll numbers dropping and her staff falling apart. The bad news: She’s still vowing to stick with her campaign until at least the New Hampshire primaries this winter, Reuters reports. The better news: Sarah Palin still isn’t running. The worse news: No matter what these ladies do, we’re still way short on viable female candidates for our highest office.

New girl on Sesame Street comes with a cause: Our favorite childhood Street gets a new resident with Lily, an adorable Muppet with a message. In an hour-long special that aired Sunday, the character helped bring to light the 17 million kids who don’t get enough to eat. Girls on the Street have come a long way since the first female Muppet there in 2006, Abby Cadabby, ignited feminist controversy with her particularly princessy ways.

Topeka debates decriminalizing domestic violence: Seriously. The Kansas town’s leadership, faced with mounting budget crises, may repeal an ordinance outlawing domestic violence because the cost of prosecution is just too damn high, ThinkProgress reports. It’s hard to know where to begin with this one, so we’ll just say, to be clear: This doesn’t sound like a very good idea. Did we even just have to say that? Apparently we did.

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