Links for Sexy Feminists: Ryan Lochte, Rashida Jones, and more …

10 Reasons Why Ryan Lochte Is America’s Sexiest Douchebag: Courtesy of Jezebel. We see that he’s super-hot, but we’re happy he isn’t totally our type, because, seriously.

Today in Lady Olympic News: America’s Missy Franklin breaks records and wins 200-meter backstroke, reports the LA Times.

Oh, Goody, the Personhood People Are Petitioning the Supreme Court: Details via The Daily Beast.

We Do Love Rashida Jones: She talks about writing herself a better role in Celeste and Jesse Forever, via Feministing.

Bitch Goes Beyond Judy Blume: And we’re suckers for anything with Judy Blume in the name.

How Women Are Ruling The Olympics

The 2012 Olympic Games kicked off last night in a blazing ceremony in London’s West End. The Games brings enough excitement on its own. A symbol of diplomacy, peace and honest competition, the Olympics represents people—from around the world—at their best. This year, women are taking center stage. Here are but a few reasons to root for the ladies this year:

Working moms rule. Belgium gold medalist Tia Hellebaut carried the flag for her nation during the opening ceremonies. Since the Beijing games in 2008, Hellebaut has had two children and she’s back to compete in the High Jump. And Malaysia’s shooter, Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi, is nine months pregnant. She may not win a metal but she’s sure to bring home a prize before the games are over.

Saudi Arabia sends women athletes to the Olympic games for the first time, causing feminists to rejoice and the oppressors within Islam to keep doing what they do. Their presence, however, is revolutionary.

With Brunei and Qatar also sending female athletes to the Olympics for the first time, this is the first time all participating countries (more than 200) have women athletes on their teams.

Women outnumber men on the U.S. Olympic team for the first time. 269:261.

Team USA’s Claressa “T-Rex” Shields is a 17-year-old middlweight from Flint, Mich., vying for gold in women’s boxing, a new event at the London Olympics. Kind of the definition of “kick-ass” right here.



Links for Sexy Feminists: Little girls want to be sexy, female boxing debuts at Olympics, and more …

Six Year Old Girls Say They Want to Be Sexy: This, according to a study detailed on Jezebel. We’re torn: On the one hand, we hate the idea of little girls feeling pressured to be sexy, when that is not something they physically can do until their teens, when things get even more complicated. On the other hand, we remember being 5 and declaring, as prompted by a L’eggs pantyhose commercial, that we had “sexy legs.” Our mothers laughed at us but otherwise ignored it, and it went away, and we turned out relatively fine, and we’re certain we did not know then what “sexy” really meant. And now we grew up to be feminists with a website with “sexy” in the title. So it’s not all completely hopeless, is what we’re sort-of, maybe saying.

Female Boxing Debuts at Upcoming Olympics: The Atlantic hips us to a cool documentary project about the youngest girl boxer headed to the games, known as T-Rex.

Yay, Girls!: Lots of Emmy nominations for funny ladies, The LA Times reports.

Ann Romney Breaks Out the “You People”: Salon reacts.

Is Single Motherhood Worse for Children?: Slate debates.

Links for Sexy Feminists: The Olympics tackle what it means to be a lady, the bikini celebrates a birthday, and more …

What do ‘male’ and ‘female’ mean?: The philosophical debate will take center stage with hormone testing at this year’s Olympics, The Atlantic reports.

Guess what! Stripping is not glamorous!: A male stripper sets us straight about Magic Mike on

Happy 66th birthday to the bikini!: The LA Times celebrates.

Youth group advocates for contraception-free sex: Monogamous, marital, pill-free sex is the best kind of sex, the group says, according to The Huffington Post. We’re inclined to agree, except the part where sometimes you wind up with unwanted children.

Herman Cain mistress Ginger White writes about life after going public: “When I spoke out about our 13-year affair, my world crumbled,” she says at “Meanwhile his eccentric political career carries on.”

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