Election Night Stakes: Your Vagina, Hurricane Sandy Relief, Queer Voters, Hillary Clinton’s Legacy

With election night less than a week away, we’re hearing more and more of this campaign’s catch phrase: “the stakes couldn’t be higher.” Yes, that’s true. But context should be added to every mention of that phrase. Yes, it bears repeating ad nauseum; it’s that important. Here are the stakes as we see them:

Women’s health and reproductive rights. Duh. We all know this has been the hot-button issue this election season. We all need to get to the polls to let our voices be heard on this one. But this student journalist heeds an important reminder that women’s health care rights are always relevant—and vulnerable.

Humanity. Hurricane, superstorm, franken-whatever Sandy hit hard. Lives and livelihoods were devastated and the country’s biggest, most resilient city was forced to cower in Mother Nature’s wake. How President Obama and Mitt Romney responded tells us a little bit about each one’s ideals. Authenticity matters, folks.

Voices—All of Them. Gay and transgender Americans are all-but-forgotten in campaign stump speeches, give or take a scripted comment about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell or  the Defense of Marriage Act. Here are some fantastic essays that lend insight into Voting While Queer and Voting While Trans. One highlight to ponder: is there any reasonable reason that we must list our sex on the ballot?

The economy. A thriving one means more opportunities for equal work for which we can fight for equal pay. There is no one answer to get us back in the black, and, folks, this shit takes time. Each candidate wants a more solvent American economy, but their approaches are very different. Understand that difference.

Women’s empowerment around the world. No one has done more to put women’s rights, freedoms and economic empowerment on the international stage than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (recap some awesomeness here). She will be leaving the office at the end of President Obama’s current term. No matter who wins this election, we must not forget the importance of this work and continuing to protect, support and celebrate women all over the world. Political activism starts with each of us letting our local representatives know where our priorities lie. Get chatty, make change.



Links for Sexy Feminists: The Binder Edition

Thanks to Mitt Romney and his “binders full of women,” equality for women at work has become a huge national discussion this week. (So, hey, you can’t say the guy did nothing for us.) As a bonus, it’s become an occasionally funny discussion — see, nation, feminists can be funny! A roundup of some of our favorite analyses, some funny, some quite serious:

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Romney’s empty ‘binders full of women’ [CNN]

‘No One Puts Baby in a Binder’ [The National Memo]

‘Did someone say Binders Full of Women??’ [Know Your Meme]

A Meme That Means Something [The Atlantic]

Mitt Romney’s Binders and the Missing Women [The New Yorker]

Mr. Romney’s Version of Equal Rights [The New York Times]

Links for Sexy Feminists: New HIV drug, Condi for VP, and more …

Turning Blog Posts Into Published Essays: SexyFeminist.com’s Jennifer Armstrong will join BlogHer’s Rita Arens and essayist Susan Goldberg to talk writing at BlogHer’s conference next month in New York. Our talk is at 10:30 a.m. Aug. 3 — for more details on how to join us, click here.

Dating sites encourage men to be interesting, women to be doormats: Jezebel investigates how little has changed.

New drug could prevent 90% of HIV infections: But, of course, it’s not that simple, The Atlantic reports.

Rock goddess Stevie Nicks to reunite with Fleetwood Mac: Her old band will tour together (minus Christine McVie) next year, says the LA Times.

Condi Rice could be Romney’s VP: Or so say the latest rumors, as dissected by Salon.com.

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