Celebrating Feminist Progress On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (March 8th) makes us wax nostalgic about our favorite feminist icons (Gloria Steinem, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sarah Weddington, Hillary Clinton, Madonna). There are so many women to thank for where we are today, and even more to look to for where we are going. Our new book, Sexy Feminism, is a celebration of how far we’ve come and the liberties we are afforded today to be confident, individuals in our feminism. To embrace this sentiment, here are some polls to take, share with your friends, and discuss with anyone. Feminism can be fun, but it’s always something we should talk about.

What Is the Most Important Issue Facing Feminism Today?

Who’s Your Favorite Feminist Role Model?

What’s the Sexiest Feminist Thing a Man Can Do?

Why Did You Become A Feminist?


Happy Feminist Pride Day, Sexy Feminists!

Photo by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

We hope it’s clear from our name that WE ARE FEMINISTS, and we think it’s important that every woman in favor of equal rights calls herself one, too. We also hope you all declare your feminist pride today for Feminist Coming Out Day, International Women’s Day, whatever you want to call it. To not call yourself a feminist implies there’s something wrong with being one — we need to own the word and fight for what it means. In the past year, SlutWalks swept the nation, and that’s totally cool — let’s own “slut,” too, while we’re owning things — but good lord, we hope we can embrace “feminist” if we can embrace “slut.” And yes, Rush Limbaugh, we just called ourselves sluts. Because, of course, we’re assuming, due to recently highly publicized events, that being a slut means standing up for women’s rights and being very brave.

So: Happy International Women’s Day, feminists, sluts, and all!

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International Women's Day Highlights

Today the world pauses to celebrate the great work women are doing — and pushing harder for the progress we have yet to make. Following are some of the highlioghts of International Women’s Day 2011. What did you do today to promote the awesomeness of women?

Anika Rahman, present of the Ms. Foundation, reminds us of the work we have yet to do:  On this 100th International Women’s Day, we stand with all women and girls — down the street and around the world — to cheer our wins and inspire us all to further action. We have come a long way… but we’ve got miles to walk, here in America and across the seas.

Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton announced a new global women empowerment program today. And let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that we have an Office of Global Women’s Issues.

The victory of revolution in Egypt doesn’t scratch the surface of the problems women face in the region. Women who  joined the protest were faced with celebrating a liberty that seemingly didn’t include them. “They said that our role was to stay home and raise presidents, not to run for president,” said Farida Helmy, a 24-year-old journalist.”

Daniel Craig goes drag to support women. If James Bond can walk a few feet in our shoes, perhaps there’s hope for us yet.

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