Links for Sexy Feminists: Newt vs. Herman, the (Non-)Legacy of Marie Curie, and More …

The Nation wonders why Republicans prefer serial adulterer Newt Gingrich over alleged adulterer Herman Cain: Blogger JoAnn Wypijewski ponders how it wasn’t his crazy politics, but his supposed affair (which he denies), that did Cain in

Rookie‘s Tavi Gevinson reports from the TEDxWomen Conference: Which we tell you about just to celebrate a 15-year-old who self-identifies as a feminist and worships Gloria Steinem

Ms. celebrates the 100th anniversary of Marie Curie’s Nobel: By asking why we still have so few women in science

Author Georgia Pelligrini explains why she hunts: She writes in a thought-provoking Huffington Post piece about paying “the full karmic price” for food

Time celebrates marriage: Its “Top 10 Marriage Stories of the Year” list reviews everything from Will & Kate to the rise of the singleton

‘Women for Cain’: Yes, That’s a Supposedly ‘Real’ Thing

UPDATE: Herman Cain has now dropped out of the presidential race.

The Herman Cain website just launched a “Women for Cain” section, which you know is for women because it has pretty purple script font and a ridiculous picture of four unnaturally happy females giving you the thumbs up from atop the page. It allows “women” the “opportunity” to post messages of “support” for Cain, which seems to come down to attacks on his accusers for being jealous single bitches. If this isn’t presidential — or, more to the point, another major piece of evidence for Rachel Maddow’s brilliant theory that Cain’s an Andy Kaufman-style performance artist — we don’t know what is.

Just, no:

SF Talking Points: Education the Answer to Population Growth, Bachmann and Cain Vie for Scariest Candidate

Education for girls can help solve population growth: Former Irish President Mary Robinson says keeping girls in school is the best way to stop the world’s exploding population growth. “European countries are concerned about aging populations as is Japan, but this is much less of an issue than the huge bulge of people which we are going to see over the next 40 years when the population goes from 7 billion to 9 billion people,” she told Reuters. “Almost all of that increase will be in poor developing countries, so that we have a very big demographic challenge.” Education provides the opportunity for better instruction on contraception and provides an incentive for women to limit their childbearing, says Robinson, also a former U.N. high commissioner for human rights. Just look at the United States — where apparently none of us are having kids anymore!

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SF Talking Points: Bye-Bye to the Playboy Bunnies, F— You to Anti-Gay Presidential Candidates

NBC’s Playboy Club Becomes First Cancellation of the Season: The Peacock Network’s troubled drama has gotten the ax after just three weeks on the air — and probably more controversy than it even warranted. While the show was no feminist prize — the on-screen Hugh Hefner informed us in the premiere that his Bunnies were among the “few women who were allowed to be themselves” in the ’60s, which, just, no — it was also a pretty tame depiction of the Chicago club that helped kick off the sexual revolution. And yet the trusty Parents Television Council still fed the thing extra publicity by strenuously objecting. Luckily, none of this could make enough viewers tune in to TV’s most boring show about sex and murder.

Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain Defends Anti-Gay Stance: Adding to the chorus of distressing ideas promulgated by the Republican Presidential race (yay, executions? boo, HPV vaccines?), Cain told the ladies of The View this week that he’d bring back Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and that he sees homosexuality as a choice. He even challenged the panelists to “show me the science” that gayness isn’t biologically determined. Psst, Herman: As pointed out, you can start by checking with the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Let us know if you need more.

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