Links for Sexy Feminists: Women In the Military, All-Girl X-Men, More

Should we really be blaming feminism for fewer women volunteering to work the front lines of combat in our military? This Boston Globe article suggests as much. An editorial in the same paper debunks the finger-pointing.

This is about the best smack-down of the “end of men” debate (you know, the one that says we essentially don’t need feminism anymore) we’ve read. And it’s written by a man. Boston Review‘s Philip N. Cohen, you’re our new favorite male feminist.

Lots of good stuff over at Everyday Feminism but this piece about how male sexual entitlement hurts both men and women is a good read—and a good reminder that feminism is for men too.

Marvel is re-launching the X-Men with an all-woman superhero team, a very-psyched Feministing reports. Yes, they all have heaving bosoms and totally identical bone structure despite the varying skin tones (an attempt at diversity), but it’s still pretty kick-ass that young girls and boys can see more female heroes.

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