An Election Eve Reminder

About the difference between our candidates, and our current parties, from the hilarious Katie Goodman:

Links for Sexy Feminists: More dumb rape remarks, Brave-Thinking ladies, and more …

Sigh. Another dumb rape remark from a male politician. [via The New Yorker]

And Obama’s response: “Rape is rape.” [via CNN]

And Romney’s “dilemma” in responding [via The New York Times]

Voter ID laws’ effect on women of color [via Jezebel]

Lots of our favorite ladies (nuns, Lena Dunham) among The Atlantic‘s Brave Thinkers list [via The Atlantic]



Links for Sexy Feminists: The Binder Edition

Thanks to Mitt Romney and his “binders full of women,” equality for women at work has become a huge national discussion this week. (So, hey, you can’t say the guy did nothing for us.) As a bonus, it’s become an occasionally funny discussion ā€” see, nation, feminists can be funny! A roundup of some of our favorite analyses, some funny, some quite serious:

Amazon reviews of a random binder go political (and hilarious) []

Romney’s empty ‘binders full of women’ [CNN]

‘No One Puts Baby in a Binder’ [The National Memo]

‘Did someone say Binders Full of Women??’ [Know Your Meme]

A Meme That Means Something [The Atlantic]

Mitt Romney’s Binders and the Missing Women [The New Yorker]

Mr. Romney’s Version of Equal Rights [The New York Times]

Media Literacy Matters: How to Watch the Presidential Debates

There are two more presidential debates to go. Tonight, President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney face a town-hall-style audience, answering questions from Americans concerned about everything from unemployment to war. This should yield important talking points for all of us to consider, and give us facts to take with us to the voting booths on Nov. 6.

Or we could get another Big Bird.

During the first debate, Romney looked moderator Jim Lehrer in the eye and told him PBS funding would go if he is to become the next president: ā€œI like PBS. I love Big Bird. I actually like you, too. But Iā€™m not gonna keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for it.ā€

The Internet went bonkers. Saturday Night Live made funny. President Obama included B-Bird in a campaign ad. Facebook profile photos changed. Sexy Big Bird became the new It costume for Halloween (le sigh).

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Links for Sexy Feminists: NY Times editor calls sexism on writer, women anchor and moderate debate, and more …

Wow, if this isn’t evidence that having women in positions of power makes a difference, we don’t know what is: New New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan took author Jennifer Weiner’s side in a Twitter dust-up with Times writer Andrew Goldman for being a sexist both in print and on social media. Read more at Jezebel.

Speaking of non-sexy-but-brilliant Halloween costumes, we love The Frisky’s idea: Be Workout Paul Ryan!

We didn’t get to post about this last week, so we’ll take this moment to say: This Wisconsin anchorwoman’s on-air response to a viewer comment criticizing her weight is inspiring. You’re awesome, Jennifer Livingston.

Reminder: Watch the Tuesday debate on PBS. Not only is it the least-annoying place (no crawls, minimal crazy commentary) to view it, but it’s also the only all-female anchoring team hosting. With Candy Crowley moderating, you can have an all-lady night.

The Pakistani girl who was shot last week by the Taliban for speaking out about girls’ education has been airlifted to Britain for emergency care, The New York Times reports.

Could ‘Women’s Issues’ Be a Thing of the Past?

Once again, we have The War on Women to thank. No, really, we’re serious: Now that ladies’ rights have emerged as a wedge issue in the upcoming presidential election, there seems to be a new movement toward actually finally acknowledging that women’s issues are everyone’s issues. It seems too good to be true, but we’re cautiously optimistic. President Obama’s recent push for equal pay (we cannot believe this has not been achieved yet!) focused on its benefits to “families,” not just to women. It should be a “duh” moment, but apparently it requires explanation in our skewed world. See, if the woman in the house makes more, everyone wins! More money = more money, no matter the gender of the person making it. High math, we know, but, look! Even as girls, we understand it.

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Obama Campaign Targets Women: Thanks, Mr. Limbaugh!

The Obama campaign is launching a concerted effort this week to target women, The New York Times reports. And as long as this isn’t the kind of woman-targeting that involves trying super-hard to sell us yogurt, this seems like great news. Not because we love being focus-grouped, but because we love being listened to. And the fact that Obama’s handlers see an opportunity in this all-too-long conservative War on Women means that we’re winning.

Many have wondered why Rush Limbaugh’s recent attempt at slut-shaming law student/contraception rights superhero Sandra Fluke caused so much uproar. That is, they’ve wondered why this particular “mouth dump,” as Jon Stewart recently called Limbaugh’s regular diatribes, of all his disgusting mouth dumps, got so much attention. Was it because Fluke is a private citizen, as opposed to regular political targets like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton? Maybe. But I suspect it’s because he was calling her a “slut” for wanting basic insurance coverage of contraception, something most women in America want. I think it’s because in calling her a slut, he was calling the vast majority of American women sluts. And we don’t love that.

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