Links for Sexy Feminists: Fashion IS Feminist, Pro-Life vs. Feminism, More

In our forthcoming book, Sexy Feminism, we wrote a whole chapter about how fashion is feminist. Here’s some serious proof in action.

Can you be pro-life and a feminist? The question frequently batted around, especially during election years when women are the most coveted voters. The head of conservative pro-life group, The Susan B. Anthony list, argues that the two aren’t mutually exclusive in this essay in Time. Jezebel’s Tracie Egan Morrissey takes her to task with a headline that is pretty clear: There Is No Such Thing As Pro-Life Feminist. While we believe all women can and should contribute to our advancement and equality in every facet of life, we’re with Morrissey: You can’t actively fight against a woman’s right to govern her own body and call yourself a feminist. What do you think?

These women in Chilie risking arrest (or worse) to run a hotline for women considering an abortion are being pretty darn feminist. n abortion hotline are being pretty darn feminist.

Who says a gal can’t have sexy period underwear? Julie Sygiel combined her background in Chemical Engineering with her desire to improve a modern gal’s life to build better underwear. is always hosting fantastic, provocative, change-making petitions (remember the teenager who got Seventeen magazine to stop airbrushing its models?) Visiting this site regularly will teach you more about the world than most mainstream media. Here’s a petition that seeks to address the violence towards women in the Democratic Republic of Congo that’s worth at least reading, if not signing.

Feminist Wins on Election Night = Wins For The USA

There’s no sense waxing nonpartisan as a feminist. The line is clear, it has been drawn by both sides, and women—the electorate majority today and for many, many years to come—have spoken: We demand equal rights and respect. When faced with sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia and misogyny: We shut that whole thing down! Major wins from election night 2012:

President Barack Obama re-elected for a second term. We mean, phew! Healthcare, equal rights, immigrant rights, preservation of critical social programs, the future of education, humane diplomacy… the issues go on and on and on and we have a chance at seeing the change that takes more than one term to affect. No pressure, Mr. President, but let’s go on and get to all of that.

Elizabeth Warren. The rockstar economist/feminist/consumer advocate/badass beats out incumbent Scott Brown for a senate seat in Massachusetts. We think Ted Kennedy is smiling in the Kennedy compound from beyond. People are already rallying for a Warren presidential run in 2016.

Tammy Baldwin. The new senator from Wisconsin becomes the nation’s first openly gay member of Congress. She’s also the first female senator from the state.

Claire McCaskill. Speaking of shutting it down, Missouri voters rejected Todd Akin, he of the famous “legitimate rape” comment, and re-elected this progressive democrat to a second term.

Gay rights. Maryland, Maine and Washington legalize gay marriage. Dear, The Rest of The Country: Get. it. together!

Marijuana. It’s not about getting high, people. It’s about making our criminal justice system a bit more justified, and allowing terminal patients access to a proven method of relief. Colorado, Washington and Massachusetts decriminalize marijuana in varying degrees. Now, let’s fix those mandatory minimums on crack and cocaine, shall we?

Democracy! Young people turned out in record numbers. African-Americans stood in line to let their voices be heard. Hispanics made sure their 17% of the nation spoke up. Patriotism has gone viral and it’s a beautiful thing.

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