Links for Sexy Feminists: Wishing rape on rapists, prioritizing marriage over kids, and more …

If you read one thing today, it should be Jessica Wakeman’s piece on The Frisky about this week’s Central Park rape victim publicly wishing rape upon her rapist. It’s an interesting debate: Is it ever okay to wish rape upon rapists, molesters, etc.? And we agree with Wakeman’s answer, which is: no. But we can’t blame the surprisingly vocal victim for her intense feelings this soon after the attack, of course, either.

While we don’t agree with certain reports that it’s the End of Men, we don’t mind a good “Call to Arms for Decent Men,” from Jezebel. And speaking of decent men, we aren’t a bit surprised by a survey on YourTango that shows counseling professionals think straight moms should prioritize their husbands over their kids. Don’t worry, you’ll take care of your kids, and they’ll turn out fine. But everybody will be happier if Mom and Dad are loving each other and working together.

new poll by the Society for Women’s Health Research concludes that two in five women of childbearing age don’t use birth control, mainly because they don’t think they can get pregnant. Wait, what? When we read that, we paused, suspicious of the survey having a biased angle. But, nope. It was conducted by a nonprofit women’s health group, reviewed by medical professionals and published in medical journals. Polls don’t represent the total population, of course, but this one reveals a scary truth of which we need to be reminded: lack of honest sex education hurts women, period.

Your activist link of the day: Help Equality Now fight Female Genital Mutilation by sending a message to the Indonesian government asking for the repeal of a Ministry of Health regulation that legitimizes the brutal practice.

Link of the Day: Afghan Women's Lives in Prison

Thanks to the Afghan Women’s Writing Project — and one of their brave writers’ journalistic enterprise — we get an inside look at women’s lives in prison there in this fascinating piece. The AWWP is a great organization that provides mentoring from American writers for Afghan women who want to express themselves — something they’re not encouraged or allowed to do in their country. If you’re looking for a charity worth donating to, this is a great one; they’re currently raising funds for their secured Internet cafe where the women can go to write.

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