Links for Sexy Feminists: Anthony Weiner, Jane Austen, and more

Still At It: Anthony Weiner has doubled down on his decision to stay in the mayoral race, a move some described as “delusional.” One of his former interns put out a calculated tell-all on her weeks with the campaign, which intriguingly mentions that Weiner called several interns “Monica.” His spokeswoman responded by calling the intern several slurs for women, and has since put up an apology of sorts involving an instagrammed shot of a “swear jar” full of cash and a credit card. Ugh. Can we please let the people of New York City focus on the real candidates?

Feminist Undies: Art student Shelly was fed up with mainstream stores’ selection, so she’s printing up underwear to empower the wearer with images of justly celebrated ladies.

Male Allies: A thought-provoking list of ways a man can try his hardest to be an ally to feminism. And we love this little gem on how a father plans to talk to his daughter about safely exploring her sexuality, when it’s age appropriate. We’re also digging this piece by Kareem Adbul-Jabbar on “coming out” as a fan of things besides sports, including the show “Girls.”

Throwback: This piece was written nearly ten years ago, yet the issues with feminists being called “sexist” are totally timely.

GLBT Rights Watch: Louisiana cops are harassing gay men using the obsolete sodomy law, which is still on the books. Meanwhile, Pope Francis says it is not up to him to judge gay priests, but women still can’t be priests. Hm.

Rape Joke: That’s the title of Patricia Lockwood’s poem recently published by the Awl, which has gotten a lot of press considering its genre.

Gift Registries: As modern feminists, we get that the registry for fancy household gadgets should be obsolete, but is asking for cash really any better?

Jane Austen: The celebrated English author will grace the 10 quid note starting in 2017. Sadly, the woman who led a campaign for this to happen received threats from male extremists.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Against “Dieting”, Safer Sweatshops, Women Vote in Pakistan, More

Against the “Diet”: A poignantly inspiring tale of a woman who watched her father waste away due to self starvation and vows to embrace her own plus -ize figure. If you’re ever at a loss for body positivity, may we recommend reading and rereading this compilation of advice from fat women who love their curves. Meanwhile, having broken the “We don’t want fat people” Abercrombie story, Business Insider charts a precipitous drop in the brand’s popularity following the story.

Safer Sweatshops: On the other end of the fashion cycle, we were encouraged to hear that several prominent retailers are committing to improve factory conditions in Bangladesh.

Rethinking Choice: One woman’s interesting take on the semantic argument between “Life” and “Choice.”

Surprise!: Greater access to and education about birth control leads to fewer abortions. Interestingly, education in the study led many women to conclude that an IUD was the right choice for them, suggesting that the long-term solution may be underused.

Sex Positivity: Thanks to Jezebel for this primer on the so-called “looseness” of the vulva. NSFW.

Mommy Life: One woman’s story about coming to terms with postpartum depression and accepting that her husband could be the better caregiver at the beginning.

Activism Works: The Florida teen whose science experiment caused a minor explosion has had charges dropped after internet activists accused the accusers of racism. Meanwhile, though Disney has publicly backed down from its Merida makeover, only time will tell if they’re changing her back.

Women in the World: Pakistani women braved threats of violence to vote this past weekend, while Kuwaiti women are gaining grounds for athletic competition. Coming from a different religious perspective, Israel has struck down the mandate that women and men be segregated on public bus rides through conservative neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Canadian students created this funny and thought-provoking spoof of gender roles in advertising.

Celebrating Feminist Progress On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (March 8th) makes us wax nostalgic about our favorite feminist icons (Gloria Steinem, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sarah Weddington, Hillary Clinton, Madonna). There are so many women to thank for where we are today, and even more to look to for where we are going. Our new book, Sexy Feminism, is a celebration of how far we’ve come and the liberties we are afforded today to be confident, individuals in our feminism. To embrace this sentiment, here are some polls to take, share with your friends, and discuss with anyone. Feminism can be fun, but it’s always something we should talk about.

What Is the Most Important Issue Facing Feminism Today?

Who’s Your Favorite Feminist Role Model?

What’s the Sexiest Feminist Thing a Man Can Do?

Why Did You Become A Feminist?


Links for Sexy Feminists: Women In the Military, All-Girl X-Men, More

Should we really be blaming feminism for fewer women volunteering to work the front lines of combat in our military? This Boston Globe article suggests as much. An editorial in the same paper debunks the finger-pointing.

This is about the best smack-down of the “end of men” debate (you know, the one that says we essentially don’t need feminism anymore) we’ve read. And it’s written by a man. Boston Review‘s Philip N. Cohen, you’re our new favorite male feminist.

Lots of good stuff over at Everyday Feminism but this piece about how male sexual entitlement hurts both men and women is a good read—and a good reminder that feminism is for men too.

Marvel is re-launching the X-Men with an all-woman superhero team, a very-psyched Feministing reports. Yes, they all have heaving bosoms and totally identical bone structure despite the varying skin tones (an attempt at diversity), but it’s still pretty kick-ass that young girls and boys can see more female heroes.

Links for Sexy Feminists: Elder Feminist Obituaries, Workplace Discrimination, the VAWA, and More

Two Groundbreaking Women Died:  Jean S. Harris, whose trial for murdering her longtime beau drew her comparisons to Anna Karenina and Emma Bovary, became an advocate for female prisoners while at Bedford Hills.  Beate Gordon made sure female rights were drafted into the modern Japanese constitution when she was a 22-year-old assistant to General MacArthur.  Both were born in 1923.

Abortion by Internet:  Increasing numbers of women are using the internet to purchase a medication for its off-label use of inducing miscarriage.

Off the Cliff, But …: The U.S. House blocked the Violence Against Women Act.

Women Working:  An all-male Iowa court ruled in favor of a man who fired a “stellar” longtime employee because he found her “irresistible.”  The two had been friendly, but she viewed him as a father figure.

Indian Girls Get Period Help: Girls in India frequently drop out of school due to the social stigma of menstruation, but a humanitarian public health campaign aims to change that.

Speaking Out: One blogger offers her experience with Women’s Studies 101 and the difficult necessity of awareness.

Links for Sexy Feminists: The Good Men Project Gone Bad, Feminist Charities Need Your $, More

So-called feminist blog The Good Men Project has really gone downhill, says SalonFeministe offers an insightful breakdown of how things went wrong, and it’s everyone’s loss: we all need the male feminist perspective. Why? The Guardian provides a saddening example.

My A is for Angry: If reading all that annoyed you, donate to A is for, an awareness campaign for women’s health issues and feminist activists.

‘But I followed the dress code!’: The hidden dangers of slut shaming and the modesty police.

‘I Don’t Want Kids’: Letting people know you’re childfree by choice at Jezebel.

Katie Goodman’s Tribute to Her Feminist Husband

Katie already wrote a lovely holiday tribute to her husband here, but, hey, videos are fun, and we love feminist men, so we’re posting her song tribute to him. Enjoy!

Links for Sexy Feminists: Middle Earth couture, Kate and Wills’ royal spawn, and more …

Geeky girls need couture, too: Love this Middle Earth map dress on

“What it’s like to be the only sister in the sex club”: From Jezebel.

Curvy vs. Skinny: Good point: It’s not okay to put skinny ladies down in your quest to make curvy ladies appreciate their own bodies. Cara Alwill Leyba breaks it down on HuffPo.

The Church of England’s woman problem: Even a denomination known for its (sorta, generally, relatively) progressive stance on female clergy can’t quite get over the Biblical sexist-speak. The New Yorker explains. In related news, we love this protest-singer nun featured in The New York Times.

Brace yourselves: Kate and Wills have confirmed they are expecting their first royal spawn.

Best Feminist Books of 2012

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With our own book coming early next year (that's it, above!), we wanted to acknowledge our sisters in publishing -- the best feminist books of the past year. Tell us if we missed one of your favorites! (We can't read everything, alas.)

Links for Sexy Feminists: Where to Watch the DNC, Why Women Are Happy, More

Watch the Democratic National Convention on PBS. Why? Because co-hosts Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill are a) awesome professionals and b) the first all-female duo to host a presidential convention.

There’s good news and bad news ladies. The good news is, there’s finally a study out there that says women are happy—happier than men even!—and this is because we have a very special gene, so, it’s official. It’s about time scientists stopped trying to prove we’re lonely and miserable. The bad news: You’re totally going to be lonely and miserable because of your job, according to a new eHarmony study.

Alison Bechdel makes us laugh (in a good way) about homophobia, gender bias in media and, now, menopause, in this new Jezebel interview.

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