The Sexy Feminist Polls: The Most Important Issue Facing Feminism, Your Feminist Role Models, and More

With more than 500 voters logging responses to our recent Sexy Feminist polls, we thought it would be fun to break down some of the results. According to Sexy Feminist readers …

The most important issue facing feminism today is sexual and domestic violence. This makes sense, of course: Freedom from violence and fear is the most basic human right, and many women lack that specifically because of their gender. We can’t progress on much else if we don’t combat this one. The Violence Against Women Act was a good start, but we have a long way to go. For statistics, resources, and help, visit the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Your favorite feminist role models are Hillary Clinton and Tina Fey. This combination says it all for 2013 feminism: a badass politician who’s already a frontrunner for the next presidential election, and who has done tireless work for women all over the world; and a prominent, funny, beloved woman who’s broken open comedy’s boys’ club and is on yet another upward trajectory in her career toward movie stardom — as a mom in her 40s. Ellen DeGeneres and Gloria Steinem also inspired a lot of you, and we can’t blame you for that, either.

The sexiest feminist thing a man can do is actively champion women’s rights to others. Can’t argue with that. There’s nothing better than a man who realizes feminism matters as much to men as it does to women. You all wouldn’t mind if he picked up his share of the domestic load, too.

Almost half of you became feminists because you believe in equal rights for all.  


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