Links For Sexy Feminists: Oscars’ Opening Fallout, Sephora Addiction, Body Acceptance, and more

Rape Culture and the Oscars: This New Yorker blog offers a great, balanced look at the problem with Seth MacFarlane’s opening number. And his independent blogger calls us all out for ignoring rape culture when it comes attractively packaged. Finally, though we don’t normally think it’s fair just to turn the tables and objectifiy men, but this video pokes lighthearted fun at the whole thing.

Solve for XX: For a nice antidote, check out this talk by Geena Davis on media portrayals of women and girls.

Makeup Addiction?: Sephora can be fun, but beware: it’s an expensive habit. To keep it fun, moderation is key!

Women’s Health: Heart disease is a leading cause of death for women, yet too many people see it as a “men’s issue.”

The Body Beautiful: You don’t have to fall for the trap of trying to lose weight specifically because you’re getting married. Find a bit of courage from photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero, who documents others’ reactions to her body. From a medical standpoint, this article offers insight into how doctors should approach a “weighty” conversation.


  1. Libby Rubrenstien says:

    To all you progressive white folks out there. Please stop obessing about Mixed race really really rich black women like Rhiana and Bey. I am mixed race I am 35 married with 4 kids and two dogs and really really boring except for the fact that I am a director of a Domestic abuse shelter on the West Coast. I travel all over for my job and I am sorry to tell you but most victims of abuse don’t look like Rhiana. Most abused black girls still look like poor undereducated versions of Michelle Obama. Sorry. Most light skinned black girls are still middle class and live fairly normal lives. You can attribute this to trickle down racism but its true. Further more all the attention to Rhiana totally obscures the real victims of abuse here–Poor dark black girls with no father in the home who just want someone to love them. That someone ususally gets them pregnant and then beats the hell out of them and then if not arrested leaves. I am so sorry to tell you this but the stats are all there. Get of Rhiana she is a fantasy that is making a lot of money looking like a victime and sex kitten to make even more money.Most of you reading this cannot afford the toilet she pisses in. Pay attention to real suffering black women not rich rich billionaire girls like Rhi Rhi and Bey bey and if you live anywhere along the west coast and care please please please come volunteer at a shelter we are filled to capacity these days. What the hell is going on in our society.

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