Links for Sexy Feminists: Fashion IS Feminist, Pro-Life vs. Feminism, More

In our forthcoming book, Sexy Feminism, we wrote a whole chapter about how fashion is feminist. Here’s some serious proof in action.

Can you be pro-life and a feminist? The question frequently batted around, especially during election years when women are the most coveted voters. The head of conservative pro-life group, The Susan B. Anthony list, argues that the two aren’t mutually exclusive in this essay in Time. Jezebel’s Tracie Egan Morrissey takes her to task with a headline that is pretty clear: There Is No Such Thing As Pro-Life Feminist. While we believe all women can and should contribute to our advancement and equality in every facet of life, we’re with Morrissey: You can’t actively fight against a woman’s right to govern her own body and call yourself a feminist. What do you think?

These women in Chilie risking arrest (or worse) to run a hotline for women considering an abortion are being pretty darn feminist. n abortion hotline are being pretty darn feminist.

Who says a gal can’t have sexy period underwear? Julie Sygiel combined her background in Chemical Engineering with her desire to improve a modern gal’s life to build better underwear. is always hosting fantastic, provocative, change-making petitions (remember the teenager who got Seventeen magazine to stop airbrushing its models?) Visiting this site regularly will teach you more about the world than most mainstream media. Here’s a petition that seeks to address the violence towards women in the Democratic Republic of Congo that’s worth at least reading, if not signing.

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