Happy Holidays to Sexy Feminist Krista!

As part of our Sexy Feminist Holidays, we’re running appreciations of Sexy Feminists as the gift that keeps giving.


Merry Christmas, To My Dear Friend Krista.

I’ve learned a lot this year about what happens when the bottom drops out of your life. I no longer have my own home,
I will no longer have a steady job as of early next year and I may soon break up with the love of my life, New York City. But I am totally cool with it. I am actually less stressed then I have been in many years, because of my wonderful, amazing, beautiful friend, Krista.
When it all came crashing down, I didn’t feel the impact because I have a great friend. When I told her about how I would have to give up my outrageously expensive apartment, she said, without blinking, “You will come stay with me.” Krista even drove over and picked up my stuff. She has yet to blink since I dropped an entire bottle of steel gray nail polish on her bathroom floor (which, FYI, cleaning that up was a thing of nightmares; try to avoid it at all costs.) She doesn’t bat an eye at the routinely clogged tub (I have long, plumbing-issue-causing hair) and my general avoidance of dish washing. When I tromp through her home late at night, numerous hours after she has turned in, she simply says, “I’m glad to see you. How was your day?”
Krista is modest, extremely hard-working and incredibly generous. She inspires and I aspire. She has opened her home to me and has smiled while doing so. We’ve been friends for ten years and I’ve always enjoyed her company. I’ve been an appreciative recipient of her generosity for quite some time, but now I have realized she is even more special. If I could thank her everyday for a year for her help and her friendship, it still wouldn’t feel like enough. But I will continue to brag about how lucky I am and how awesome my friend Krista is.
Merry Christmas, Dear Friend, and may next year be filled with a lot of love, much happiness, many laughs and way fewer nail polish incidents. XOXOXO.
– Kristin McGonigle

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