Links for Sexy Feminists: America’s left lean, ’11 Qualities of the Perfect Woman,’ and more …

Is America moving left?: Yes!, says The New Yorker.

A teen girl speaks out for gender-neutral marketing: Easy-Bake Oven marketing excludes boys, she tells CNN. Especially in a world where most chefs are men!

Men’s Health’s ’11 Qualities of the Perfect Woman,’ ugh: Jezebel’s Lindy West rips it apart so we don’t have to. And, Lindy, we totally laughed at your┬ájokes … Does that make us the perfect woman for you?

‘Bro-Choice’: Sarah Silverman lays out the case for men to fight for reproductive rights, via The Cut.

‘I Took Plan B’: One woman tells her morning-after-pill story on The Frisky.

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