Happy Holidays to Soren Kisiel, Sexy Feminist

As part of our Sexy Feminist Holidays, we’re running appreciations of Sexy Feminists as the gift that keeps giving.

Okay, ya wanna know who really calls me on my shit when I’m not up to snuff feminism-wise? My husband! He’s the one who actually took women’s studies classes in college of his own volition (I didn’t), he’s the one who notices when I’m accidentally discriminating against women or judging too harshly (“you’d never say that of a man,” he points out) and he’s the one who helped me formulate my pro-choice stance more clearly. How did that happen? He’s the one who writes my feminist women’s comedy show with me and even directs our troupe once I’m on stage and I can’t really see what I’m directing anymore because I’m in it. Never once has a single actress or woman who knows him said, he shouldn’t be co-directing us. Though he’s brought that up. He’s just that feminist. Bringing men into the movement is not only necessary, it’s fun. And feminist men are hot. Just sayin’. We need more of ‘em.

– Katie Goodman

(And here’s a peek at Soren and Katie in feminist action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcFdojbw5SI)

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