Links for Sexy Feminists: The Binder Edition

Thanks to Mitt Romney and his “binders full of women,” equality for women at work has become a huge national discussion this week. (So, hey, you can’t say the guy did nothing for us.) As a bonus, it’s become an occasionally funny discussion — see, nation, feminists can be funny! A roundup of some of our favorite analyses, some funny, some quite serious:

Amazon reviews of a random binder go political (and hilarious) []

Romney’s empty ‘binders full of women’ [CNN]

‘No One Puts Baby in a Binder’ [The National Memo]

‘Did someone say Binders Full of Women??’ [Know Your Meme]

A Meme That Means Something [The Atlantic]

Mitt Romney’s Binders and the Missing Women [The New Yorker]

Mr. Romney’s Version of Equal Rights [The New York Times]

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