Links for Sexy Feminists: Rapists explain themselves, Salon talks to Amy Sherman-Palladino, and more …

Rapists Explain Themselves on Reddit: Wow. Jezebel encourages us to read, and we agree, disturbing as that is.

Raising Awareness About Postpartum Depression: More should be done to seek treatments and help new mothers, The LA Times reports.

Yes, We Just Wrote About Open Relationships: But we love this post on HowAboutWe detailing the unexpected benefits of long-term, committed relationships. If anyone uses a significant other as Google, it’s us. (We have smart significant others.)

Salon Declares Amy Sherman-Palladino TV’s Funniest Woman: Gilmore Girls fans, we hope you’re watching Bunheads to get your fix.

Women’s Rivalries on the Small Screen: Nashville and Political Animals go beyond catfights, Slate’s XX says.



  1. Daran says:


    If the Salon article had said

    It’s this show about men who snap and kill their wives. It’s one of my favorite shows because literally it’s almost the same story every single time and at some point they’re in love and everything’s great and then he snaps and he, like, gets his young son to dismember her body and pour concrete over it. To me it’s the most hilarious show on television.

    Instead of what it actually did say, would you have linked to it without comment?

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