Links for Sexy Feminists: Little girls want to be sexy, female boxing debuts at Olympics, and more …

Six Year Old Girls Say They Want to Be Sexy: This, according to a study detailed on Jezebel. We’re torn: On the one hand, we hate the idea of little girls feeling pressured to be sexy, when that is not something they physically can do until their teens, when things get even more complicated. On the other hand, we remember being 5 and declaring, as prompted by a L’eggs pantyhose commercial, that we had “sexy legs.” Our mothers laughed at us but otherwise ignored it, and it went away, and we turned out relatively fine, and we’re certain we did not know then what “sexy” really meant. And now we grew up to be feminists with a website with “sexy” in the title. So it’s not all completely hopeless, is what we’re sort-of, maybe saying.

Female Boxing Debuts at Upcoming Olympics: The Atlantic hips us to a cool documentary project about the youngest girl boxer headed to the games, known as T-Rex.

Yay, Girls!: Lots of Emmy nominations for funny ladies, The LA Times reports.

Ann Romney Breaks Out the “You People”: Salon reacts.

Is Single Motherhood Worse for Children?: Slate debates.

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