Links for Sexy Feminists: Men can’t have it all either, women save publishing, and more …

Oh, look! Men are capable of worrying about ‘having it all,’ too: The discussion continues in The Atlantic.

Apparently men are as obsessed with their bodies as we are: gives us 41 key moments in male body image.

Get ready for lots more bondage novels: And all things erotica — Fifty Shades of Grey is basically saving the book market, The LA Times reports. Seriously, one in five books sold since spring. If it wasn’t clear before that women are the publishing audience, it is now.

In defense of single people: ponders why we’re still pitying the singles even though they dominate our demographics.

Oakland woman sues for sperm: A lesbian hoping to conceive using a friend’s sperm is suing the Food and Drug Administration for the right to do so without the burden of costly tests required for “body-tissue transfers,” the SF Gate reports.

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