Links for Sexy Feminists: The Olympics tackle what it means to be a lady, the bikini celebrates a birthday, and more …

What do ‘male’ and ‘female’ mean?: The philosophical debate will take center stage with hormone testing at this year’s Olympics, The Atlantic reports.

Guess what! Stripping is not glamorous!: A male stripper sets us straight about Magic Mike on

Happy 66th birthday to the bikini!: The LA Times celebrates.

Youth group advocates for contraception-free sex: Monogamous, marital, pill-free sex is the best kind of sex, the group says, according to The Huffington Post. We’re inclined to agree, except the part where sometimes you wind up with unwanted children.

Herman Cain mistress Ginger White writes about life after going public: “When I spoke out about our 13-year affair, my world crumbled,” she says at “Meanwhile his eccentric political career carries on.”

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