Links for Sexy Feminists: Cohabitation, Tucker Max shenanigans, and more …

YourTango tells us we can go ahead and live together: Studies say we won’t get any more divorced than people who don’t cohabitate before marriage, hurrah!

Jezebel reports: Tucker Max is still gross, and involving Planned Parenthood in his grossness.

The Feminism of The Beastie Boys. Jessica Valenti offers a beautiful tribute to the late Adam Yauch at The Nation. Not only does it feel great that one of our favorite groups of all time has made a difference in the world for women but it reminds us how important it is to allow anyone—famous hip-hop kids who once rapped about women as commodities or your everyday lady—to evolve. No one is born a perfect feminist, but everyone has the chance to become one and live a conscious, fair, just life.

Yay for female action heroes: Ian Grey reports on the Katniss/Lisbeth/etc. phenomenon for IndieWire.

President Obama stands up for gay rights. Barack Obama announced Wednesday that he believes gay couples should have the right to marry, period. He’s the first U.S. president in the history of the nation to do so. All we can say is: Fuck yeah, Mr. President! Maybe next we can pay women equally and enact a family leave policy.

We love comedian Katie Goodman: And wish we could go to her Improvisation for the Spirit workshop at the Omega Institute in upstate New York next week. Maybe you can!

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