Links for Sexy Feminists: Start Being Bitchy, Stop Wearing Fur, and more …

UCLA will hold its Thinking Gender conference Feb. 3: The event, which is open to the public, will include research presentations on women in arts, “subcultures of rebellious women” (think Riot Grrl), and “creating community and meaning with household artifacts” (think cookbooks). We’ll be covering several sessions ourselves.

Jezebel tells us “how to quit worrying about being bitchy”: Helpful assertiveness advice for those of us taught ladies should be nice.

Born Free USA is holding a fur-free fashion design competition: Fashion + consciousness = good fun.

YourTango talks depression and marriage: A writer who’s battled depression for two decades comes clean about how she gets through as a wife and mom.

We’re officially obsessed with RookieMag: The teen site is now running a series about girls’ relationship to drugs and alcohol.

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