Dora, Miss Piggy, and More: Feminist Icons from Kid Culture

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Well before the Spice Girls were running around yelling about “Girl Power,” feminism was a part of kid culture. So many of us have always wanted to be like some of the smart, independent, adventurous female characters from our youth. And while there is always room for more feminist characters, here are some of our favorite feminist icons in kid culture, past and present.
What feminist characters from your childhood inspired you? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. Jenna says:

    I liked the Powerpuff Girls when I was younger. I also really liked Pepper Ann and Daria. Pepper Ann was super great. She was confident and quirky. Her mom and aunt were also clearly, and maybe even stated, feminists. Daria might be a little mature for kid culture, but I loved her intelligence and sarcasm as a young teen.

  2. Claire says:

    In my 13-year old mind, nothing was better, cooler, or more amazing than the Spice Girls. Girl power was everything.

    An unlikely couple strong females (in both senses of the word) were Kimberly and Trini from Power Rangers. This was the first PR, not all that In Space mumbo jumbo. They could do just as much butt-kicking as the guys. At 8 years old, this feminist was already budding.

    I never did see Powerpuff Girls, I was a little too old for them, I guess. :)

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