Be a Sexy Feminist: T-shirts for Sale!

We’ve finally got official Sexy Feminist T-shirts for sale — and, yes, we’ve already purchased all of our designs from ourselves. Now it’s your turn, fellow Sexy Feminists! We’ve got tees, tanks, and men’s tees, too: Visit our CafePress shop here.


Author: Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong grew up deep in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, then escaped to New York to live in a succession of very small apartments and write about pop culture. In the process, she became a feminist, a Buddhist, and the singer/guitarist in an amateur rock band. She also spent a decade on staff at Entertainment Weekly, cofounded, and now writes for several publications, including Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Writer’s Digest, Fast Company, and New York‘s Vulture. Her history of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted, will be published by Simon & Schuster in 2013; her collaboration with Heather Wood Rudulph, Sexy Feminism, will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2013. She is the author of the Why? Because We Still Like You, a history of the original Mickey Mouse Club published by Grand Central in 2010. She has provided pop culture commentary for CNN, VH1, A&E, and ABC, and teaches article writing and creative writing. Follow her on Twitter: @jmkarmstrong


  1. Kliton says:

    Hey Jennifer, question? are you the moderator of comments? just wondering, oh and why the no-guilt guide? versus the guilt ridden guide? how to be a guilty feminist? maybe closet feminist? besides what’s to feel guilty about? is there something wrong with feminism? are people really ashamed of feminists or is the name just for guys who are afraid? I think if you love women, and what guys (gays excepted) or not? don’t love women and want to support them. Just mention Mom ;) ok I know there are still pockets of resistance, but resistance is futile! you will be assimilated! why not a tee shirt that says lay down and take it like a woman? or I know I’m feminist and beautiful, but don’t hate me. or feminist deal with it! :) just some thoughts I wanted to share. oh and thanks for the web site. it’s a gas. I think if we just walked around naked there would be less problems, sure it would be harder on guys, but that wouldn’t even begin to make up for the last two thousand years. and it would stop the joke is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me. ttyl

    • The Sexy Feminist says:

      My co-editor, Heather, and I both moderate the comments. We call ourselves the “no-guilt guide” because we’re working to make feminism more accessible for all, even those who have felt intimidated by it in the past. Our goal is to work against people feeling like they have to be “closet feminists.” We don’t want to tell women all the things they’re doing wrong; we want to tell them ways to bring feminism into their lives. Unfortunately, if you look around the Internet you’ll see that plenty of people still think feminism is evil, destroying society, etc. We wish it weren’t true, but it is. That’s why we call ourselves The Sexy Feminist, and, of course, we have T-shirts that say that because that’s our name (and because we like them). Thanks for reading, and for writing!

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