5 Feminist Guilty-Pleasure TV Shows to Watch This Summer

When it comes to serious feminist firepower on television, the regular season — that is, fall through spring — beats summer every time, with its Good Wifes and 30 Rocks. But, hey, fluffy summer fare can have its share of lady-power, too, even if it’s a little less … socially relevant, subversive, or substantial. Here, five shows we’re not ashamed to be indulging in as the temperature rises:

1. Hot in Cleveland: Four women over 40 living together, supporting each other, chiding each other, and having a great time doing it? If we can’t have The Golden Girls, we’ll take Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, and the beloved Betty White in this TVLand confection about three LA women finding a better life for themselves (that is, a bachelor population more receptive to ladies of a certain age) in the Midwest. Did we mention Wendie Malick and Betty White are in it?

2. Drop Dead Diva: Our former-stick-thin-model-reborn-in-a-plus-size-body has learned to love herself throughout the first two seasons of this ridiculous-premised, sweetly-executed Lifetime dramedy. We’ve loved her the whole time.

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