Is Selling Our Bodies a Last Resort or a First Instinct?

A California teacher made headlines this week after she joked to her class that she may take up stripping after she loses her job.

While I don’t think she should be accused of developmentally harming her students, I can’t help but wonder—and worry—whether women too often think that the only way out of a financial jam is to prostitute themselves somehow, be it through stripping, sex work, or even looking for deep-pocketed dudes to buy them drinks and meals (because we all know that doesn’t come free for long).

Are women’s bodies their greatest commodities, or are we just so used to seeing them exploited that it doesn’t seem all that bad? The answer troubles me.

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FemiNoshing: Being a Responsible Carnivore

Let me get this out of the way–this is not an anti-vegetarian treatise. Nor is it a pro-vegetarian one. I eat meat, and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. No, this installment of FemiNoshing is for those out there who–like me–for whatever personal reason, like to make meat part of their diet, but want to do so as ethically and responsibly as possible. The issue is, how do you eat meat in such a way? It’s not an easy question and through my research I haven’t been able to find one single answer. However, responsible carnivors should consider the following things:

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