Lingerie: A Female Rite of Passage

Whether yours are big, small, perky, droopy, real, fake, old or new, the two masses that rest above the chambers of your heart are extensions of yourself that you’ve learned to adjust to, live with, fully embrace, pompously glorify, and — at times — even sneakily manipulate.

Where would we be without lingerie?

Everyone’s experience with girlie undergarments is different, but we all started somewhere. As young women growing up, it was impossible to escape the reality of our ever-developing bodies. Somewhere around our pre-teen years, someone planted the seed that it was time to take our inquisitive curiosity to the next level. First step: the training bra. In the confines of our rooms or amongst our closest girlfriends, our flourishing obsession with lingerie grew. We never asked, ‘for what are we training our breasts?’ Instead, we couldn’t wait to graduate from stretchy, white, glorified tank tops to pretty, colorful pieces of supportive art.

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FemiNoshing: My Organic Conundrum

It happens every time I go into my neighborhood supermarket. There I am in the produce aisle, with a long list of fruits and veggies I plan to turn into healthy meals for myself and my spouse.

As I stand there, surrounded by neatly stacked apples and oranges and onions, my eye invariably travels to the far wall. This wall is also lined with apples and oranges and onions (as well as lots of other stuff), but above all the veggies is a large green banner. The banner proclaims, proudly, that the produce beneath is “ORGANIC.”

Just in case anyone misses the ginormous banner, each fruit or vegetable is wrapped in a green ribbon with “ORGANIC” stamped on it.

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