No Time for Nookie?

I am the Second Coming of Liz Lemon.

Seriously, if Tina Fey’s unlucky-in-love workaholic on “30 Rock” had a younger sister, I’d be her. I’m constantly rushing toward deadlines—in my line of work as an Associated Press writer, I’m literally down to the wire—and juggling pressing requests from the powers that be. After clocking out for the day, I usually hit one, maybe two, social events: happy hour or dinner with friends or business contacts.

Okay, I might be more of a people person than Liz, but romantically, we’re pretty much on the same wavelength. Here’s what I mean: At the end of many nights, I’m at home, curled up on my couch watching TiVo while drinking a Diet Pepsi and nibbling on store-bought Toll House cookie dough or something else with chocolate in it.

While my social calendar doubles up this time of year, my dating life is nothing if less-than-stellar. Well, there’s one guy who remains cluelessly persistent despite our lack of a soul connection and my attempts to fade him out. And there’s that other prospect: a magazine editor, attractive in a black-framed glasses-Sprockets-kind-of-way, who stopped emailing me because I kept postponing our drinks plans. I was working late one time; another night, I bailed on him … because I was exhausted from working late.

What a humdrum excuse: “I just don’t have time for love. I’m too busy working/catching up with friends/catching up on sleep.” But for a lot of single and partnered women, balancing romance with building a career and keeping up with everything else is a real and stressful dilemma. Kinda like having a second job.

Indeed, hectic schedules permit only so much free time to troll for prospects, or even tend to boyfriends and bond with husbands if you somehow find the time to snag one of those. Which begs the question: How much time should your love life take?

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Sexy Feminist: Stacy London

“I feel very strongly that style is about the individual, not the industry.”

Strong words for a woman who’s made a name for herself outfitting the poorly dressed masses in the industry’s coolest duds on TLC’s addictive “What Not to Wear.” But Stacy London knows better than anyone how to walk the fine line between everyday practical and couture-level stunning. As her new talk show, “Fashionably Late with Stacy London,” hits airwaves, the down-to-Earth fashionista spills on faking it in the high-fashion world, walking the line between snarky and bitchy, and learning about herself through the transformations of others. Feel your girl-crush intensifying yet?

No More Drama!
As a woman, it can be difficult to get women to love you. There are so many petty, catty girls in the world, and all of us go through that stage at one time or another. But women who support other women wind up with an incredible support system of friends. I’ve been able to bolster that in my life by helping people find their own sense of self esteem. My avenue is through wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it some other way. Allowing women to recognize their own beauty and confidence is my job, and if I’m able to convey that, whether it’s on “What Not to Wear” or “Fashionably Late” or whether I’m speaking or working with charities, then I’m conveying the right message. I think if women feel supported, they feel less threatened.

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