The Grooming Discussion

How’s this for afterglow? Me: Crying. Him: Laughing.

Pretty much the nightmare post-coital situation. And all because I got a Brazilian wax.

I’d been dating the same guy for years and I thought I’d surprise him with something sexy and new. After all, every woman’s magazine and every other “Sex and the City” reference had been hinting at the power of the Brazilian–the must look of every season. So I went out and got myself some designer pubic hair.

And he laughed.

Why was I so certain that he would love this new look; convinced that I had to do it, even? I fell victim to pop-culture peer pressure, and I’m not the only one.

Ever since Pam Anderson bared all in Playboy, some sick force has slowly been pushing this over-bronzed, impossibly proportioned, tweezed, hairless ideal on women. And, ladies, we’ve been suckered in to it!

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